The days of laboriously totting up figures in a ledger are long past, helped in no small way by the invention of Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) in the 1990’s. For the first time, accountants were able to deliver reports and projections with greater speed and accuracy. And for the first time, individuals with no accounting or bookkeeping background were able to maintain their accounts and access reports at the push of a button.

Trade Accounting uses MYOB accounting software for our business management solutions because MYOB continues to lead with innovations that make everyday bookkeeping tasks simpler and faster.

MYOB software solutions save time and money, meaning you have more time to concentrate on competing in your chosen market. Trade Accounting has access to three MYOB packages that have been specially designed with small to medium companies and charitable organisations* in mind.

MYOB BankLink

Basically, your bank account details are securely downloaded from the bank to you, with all transactions listed and ready for coding. Because your data is streamed directly from the bank, there are fewer data entry errors. BankLink features recurring transactions, which memorises and codes repeat activities without you lifting a finger. There are three levels of MYOB BankLink available:

  • BankLink Coding Report – a basic bank account report with all transactions coded sent to your laptop, phone or fax
  • BankLink Notes – sends your bank account to your mobile or laptop for you to code
  • BankLink Books – allows you to code your account and produce financial and management reports
  • MYOB Essentials
    This package is fast, easy to use and offers the basics of accounting at your fingertips, including invoicing, expenses, reporting, and MYOB payroll. Even if you have no accounting background, you will find MYOB Essentials simple to use. All bank data is reconciled, and ATO compliance requirements are inbuilt. With MYOB Essentials, you can quickly see outstanding debtors, creditors and tax liabilities to get a better picture of your real-time cash

    MYOB AccountRight

    If you want a more sophisticated accounting solution that gives you greater control of your financial records and improves productivity MYOB AccountRight is the software of choice. This powerful package is customisable, manages multiple company accounts and includes MYOB Payroll. Best of all, MYOB AccountRight automatically updates changes to Government legislation, which means you don’t have to worry about payroll and taxation compliance.

    As with all things accounting, the MYOB software you require will depend on your situation. We are qualified to assess your accounting ability, business complexity and personal preferences to make sure you get the right product for your needs. Contact us today to arrange a time to discuss your accounting requirements, and join our growing community of customers who return every year for experienced, personalised advice on accounting matters.

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