Trade Accounting has been a trusted provider of taxation services since 1988. Our ongoing personalised service and independent advice make us a good fit for sole traders, small to medium companies and business, small to medium charitable organisations and individuals.

We can assist with tax returns, Goods and Services Tax (GST), Pay As You Go (PAYG), and Capital Gains Tax.
Everyone wants to minimise tax, get the most from his or her assets and create wealth for future security. We offer comprehensive tax services, including tax planning, taxation strategies tailored to your business or personal needs and late tax returns.

Tax Planning

It is possible to reduce your tax with annual or one-off tax planning. The amount you can reduce will depend on the decisions you make, and the tax deductions you are entitled to claim. Our clients are in safe, capable hands with our principal accountant, Stephen Drinkwater, who has over twenty years of accounting practice and eleven years of experience as an auditor and assessor for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). He can help with effective tax decisions for the coming financial year, or one-off planning for unexpected windfalls.

Taxation Strategies

Trade Accounting offers solid taxation strategies that take into account the latest taxation rulings. Depending on your entitlements, optimising superannuation contributions, making residency decisions based on taxation opportunities and restructuring your family ventures to cap tax are just some of the strategies you can employ to reduce your taxation burden.

Late Tax Returns and ATO Audits

At Trade Accounting, we understand that there can be many reasons why people lodge returns late, or fail to submit a return at all. If you have a late return or have missed one or more returns, we will make sure your tax return is lodged and any potential penalties reduced.

In many cases, we will work with the ATO to have penalty decisions reversed. Managing an ATO audit on your own is daunting and usually results in lost business productivity due to time spent liaising with the taxation office. There is also a real risk that you may fail to disclose crucial information. This means the ATO auditor will make a
decision that is not based on all of the facts, which could have long-term negative implications for your business. Trade Accounting has the knowledge and tax audit experience to efficiently manage ATO requests for evidence and business information and secure positive outcomes for our clients.

Taxation rulings and laws are complex and change every year. If you are not a professional accountant, it is almost impossible to keep up with entitlements, deductions and income thresholds. Trade Accounting can manage all aspects of your taxation, leaving you free to grow your business.

Please contact Stephen for ethical, independent advice and professional, personalised taxation services.

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